Miguel Cotto Defeats Antonio Margarito in Rematch

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Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito

Congratulations to Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto who got his revenge in a rematch fight against Antonio Margarito last night in Madison Square Garden, New York for the WBA Super World Light Middleweight title. Cotto was the clear winner after each round and it became apparent to the crowd and ringside doctor that Margarito’s right eye was closed in the 7th round. After non-stop pummeling compliments of Miguel Cotto in the 9th round, Dr. Barry Jordan stopped the fight and Cotto was declared the winner by TKO.

The victory brings much needed vindication for Cotto and his camp after his loss to Margarito in 2008. The match in 2008 eventually became questioned after Margarito was caught with plaster-like substances in his hand wraps prior to his bout against Shane Mosley in 2009. Mosley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson, observed a pasty white substance in Margarito’s handwraps and insisted that it be checked and an inspector called for the hands to be rewrapped and the substance, likened to cement, was discovered. After losing by TKO to Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito was to be suspended for at least a year for the illegal tampering of handwraps. Many of Margarito’s previous victories were then questioned as it was not known if he had the cement-like substance in his wraps in other fights as well.

Antonio Margarito returned to the ring in 2010, and the long awaited rematch against Miguel Cotto became a reality after Margarito finally got licensed to fight in New York. As the fight date grew close HBO’s 24-7 Cotto vs Margarito showed what was going on as both fighters were training for the bout and what their mindset was. In the second episode of the HBO series, Cotto stated “I don’t feel any respect for him you know. I’m going to take advantage of his eye, like he took advantage of the plaster” while Margarito exclaimed “F- Cotto. If he thinks I had the plaster. It will hurt like I was using plaster, and he will know it.”

Whether or not Antonio Margarito had plaster in their 2008 match, he did not have the plaster last night and it was clear who the winner was.

If you missed both episodes of HBO’s 24-7 Cotto vs Margarito 2 you can watch them below:

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