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California Puerto Rican and Caribbean Restaurants

Updated: 12/03/2014: Deleted Puerto Rican restaurants that closed down 🙁

Here is the most updated list of Puerto Rican / Caribbean restaurants in California. Unfortunately we have seen many great Puerto Rican restaurants come and go in the past 10 years, so please bookmark these restaurants and check them out if you are in the area!

If you see a Puerto Rican restaurant (or a place that serves Puerto Rican food) that is not on this list, please email me and let me know, thank you!



Borinquen Soul
Borinquen Soul Borinquen Soul 201 reviews Borinquen Soul on Yelp
2020 Macarthur Blvd
Lower Hills
Oakland, CA 94602


Kanako I.'s Review Kanako I.
5 Stars

Tried the combo #1 and 2 and they were both great! 5~6 people were waiting in line ahead of us, and I had to wait about 20 min. to get my order, but the...

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Mariana D.'s Review Mariana D.
3 Stars

****Finally made it ***

I've been stalking this restaurant for about 2 months now and thank goodness I found the time to visit the fruitvale/Coolidge area...

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Curtis G.'s Review Curtis G.
3 Stars

I want to really like this place, but there is a problem with consistency. Food is sometimes great, sometimes not. Portions vary quite a bit. But when it's...

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Marus Kitchen
Marus Kitchen Marus Kitchen 18 reviews Marus Kitchen on Yelp
East Oakland
Oakland, CA 94603


Erica R.'s Review Erica R.
5 Stars

Today my coworkers and I ordered the Tuesday special, Cuban sandwich, tostones with a special sauce, and vegetable soup. The food was delicious from the...

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Michelle D.'s Review Michelle D.
2 Stars

I'm at the night market right now and it took them 40 mins to get me 5 empanadas.... not including waiting in line time. slowest service here ever. I think...

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Victor G.'s Review Victor G.
4 Stars

Maru's Kitchen booth was flying the puerto rican flag. other booths fly brazilian, guatamalean, mexican, san salvador, whatever foods they happen to be...

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Sol Food
Sol Food Sol Food 524 reviews Sol Food on Yelp
401 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941


Michael S.'s Review Michael S.
5 Stars



This place is seriously somewhere you can't go wrong. Delicious food in every corner...

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Jennifer D.'s Review Jennifer D.
5 Stars

Sol Food is good for the soul! It's one of those meals that is made from common dishes (ex. Rice and beans, chicken, Salad) but somehow everything together...

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Surroundedbyidiots N.'s Review Surroundedbyidiots N.
5 Stars

Best food in Marin ! Hands down! I loooooooooove this place! One of the few places so rewarding I probably wouldn't notice if the prices were raised...

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Sol Food
Sol Food Sol Food 2477 reviews Sol Food on Yelp
901 Lincoln Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901


Letty H.'s Review Letty H.
5 Stars

I was very lucky to come here for Saturday brunch at around 11:30am with 9 people and there was no line! We were seated almost immediately, so maybe come a...

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Destiny B.'s Review Destiny B.
1 Stars

Full disclaimer: I'm not bashing Sol Food. I'm simply stating facts of an experience that occurred on a warm summer early Sunday afternoon, so I strongly...

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Denise L.'s Review Denise L.
4 Stars

Came here with the fam on our way to Graton and since we arrived by 11:30 AM on a Saturday, the place was a bit crowded, but no line to order.

My brother...

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Sol Food
Sol Food Sol Food 305 reviews Sol Food on Yelp
811 4th St
San Rafael, CA 94901


Courtney C.'s Review Courtney C.
5 Stars


THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. I have no idea how I haven't had it yet - I have an aunt and uncle who live nearby who have always referenced it but...

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Anna A.'s Review Anna A.
3 Stars

3.0 - Let's just say that I should have ordered the pork chops. This was for dinner.

I've heard rave reviews of this place. I ordered the chicken, black...

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Kate G.'s Review Kate G.
4 Stars

Absolutely yes for all their food. I wish they would open one in the East Bay, they would kill it down there. I've never eaten at the restaurant and...

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Sol Cubano
Sol Cubano Sol Cubano 299 reviews Sol Cubano on Yelp
5734 Watt Ave
North Highlands, CA 95660


Bhonz Z.'s Review Bhonz Z.
5 Stars

Hole in the wall! From appetizer, entree & dessert = great food! It was worth every penny we spent.

This place is always crowded so come as early as u...

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Katie R.'s Review Katie R.
4 Stars

I'm from South Florida and Cuban food is my jam. My expectations were fairly high from the get go. Since moving to California I've avoided most places that...

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Scott D.'s Review Scott D.
4 Stars

Sol cubano my closest resemblance in food, of the bodegas i used to frequent as a teenager back east. The cuban food is close to the Puerto Rican food with...

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Parada 22
Parada 22 Parada 22 891 reviews Parada 22 on Yelp
1805 Haight St
The Haight
San Francisco, CA 94117


Jordan B.'s Review Jordan B.
5 Stars

Holy shit. This place is so good.

Am in San Francisco visiting a friend and we were walking around super hungry looking for a place to eat. My boyfriend...

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Jenae K.'s Review Jenae K.
4 Stars

I've been to this place twice in one month! This spot has a cozy & homey yet lively feel! First time I came we waited about 30mins to be seated...but that...

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Elizabeth S.'s Review Elizabeth S.
4 Stars

This is always the first stop for me whenever in the Haight. They now open for breakfast which is your typical American ailment with mimosas and coffee,...

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Parada 22 POP-UP
Parada 22 POP-UP Parada 22 POP-UP 35 reviews Parada 22 POP-UP on Yelp
3296 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94110


Alice H.'s Review Alice H.
5 Stars

For ~$15 a plate, this is the best meal for its value. If you like authentic Puerto Rican food, you will love this.

Pernil Asado is a great entree for...

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Amy C.'s Review Amy C.
4 Stars


Dear Parada 22 POP-UP,

I'd rather have Puerto Rican Roasted Pork with rice, salad & plantains instead of Boogaloo's hipster breakfasts. .


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Jenna G.'s Review Jenna G.
5 Stars

SO good! Such an amazing hole in the wall place.

The ambiance is very casual/ diner setting and the price is pretty decent for so much food.

I got the...

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400 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Jay C.'s Review Jay C.
5 Stars


amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing everything about this place is amazing.

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Joseph S.'s Review Joseph S.
5 Stars

Amazing service and truly authentic food.

I've been here three times, always the same.

Excellent, friendly service
Amazing, authentic, Puerto Rican...

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Todd B.'s Review Todd B.
4 Stars

After coming here a few times; I finally decided to write a review.
I've always come here either not that hungry or partially hungry (I guess it's the same)...

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7931 E. Firestone Boulavard
Downey, CA 90241


pat h.'s Review pat h.
5 Stars

My son and I ate at their original location (pictures are on their web site).

All I can say is the food was DELICIOUS!!

I'm so glad that moved much closer...

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Anthony C.'s Review Anthony C.
1 Stars

Place doesnt seem to exist; too bad, they had good food at the other location. The night club they are suppose to be in is never seems to be open during the...

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La Puma Rosa
La Puma Rosa La Puma Rosa 1 reviews La Puma Rosa on Yelp
510 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802

Evelyn C.'s Review Evelyn C.
5 Stars

My family and I have always tried finding a joint that made homemade Puerto Rican food. I tried this restaurant when they were locate in Watts and I loved...

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5757 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Princess P.'s Review Princess P.
5 Stars

Delicious food, friendly fast service. I ordered the Mofongo with fried pork with a side of rice and red beans. I can't even tell you what that first bite...

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Leticia B.'s Review Leticia B.
3 Stars

As I'm waiting for my food, I figured I'd kill time by writing a review. Yeah, it has been that long. And no more than 10 people here. The appetizer took 15...

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Sandy M.'s Review Sandy M.
3 Stars

So this was my first visit, and I was pretty excited. ....as I'm Puerto Rican. We came at about 930 and we were the only table with the exception of 1...

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Baracoa Baracoa 326 reviews Baracoa on Yelp
853 Auto Ctr Dr
Ste F
Palmdale, CA 93551


Sara R.'s Review Sara R.
5 Stars

The vibe is nice in this place. They make a red and a white Sangria that is very refreshing.
The have a sampler platter that allows you to try pretty much...

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Catherina R.'s Review Catherina R.
5 Stars

Finally a fun place to relax, listen to music, and eat good food in the AV! I highly recommend this place. The food was amazing.

We started with the...

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SARAH T.'s Review SARAH T.
1 Stars

Wish I could give 0 stars. Arrived for a Mothers Day dinner on a weds night( May 10th, Mexican holiday). We had 5 adults & 4 kids. Server seemed annoyed...

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Phoenix, AZ 85326


Alexa L.'s Review Alexa L.
5 Stars

Omg having them at work on Friday mornings helps me get through the day! Such a great sense of humor and contagious laugh. Recommend the mariachi loco with...

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Michelle R.'s Review Michelle R.
4 Stars

While having dinner at the Food Truck Haven, I came across coffee truck Frijolito. They said that they are a coffee truck with a Latin twist. There's not...

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Zach P.'s Review Zach P.
5 Stars

Saw this truck at the Patchwork Festival and there was a huge line. Initially, I thought it was ridiculous to wait that long for coffee, but had to try it...

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Senor Big Ed
Senor Big Ed Senor Big Ed 308 reviews Senor Big Ed on Yelp
5490 Lincoln Ave
Cypress, CA 90630


Captain H.'s Review Captain H.
5 Stars

Lived in Cypress for almost 20 years, and passed by this place a million times without giving it a thought, but my family and I were missing out on a hidden...

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Hector C.'s Review Hector C.
2 Stars

Well I am writing this review first as a Puerto Rican who left the island in 1979 and second as a Puerto Rican who knows how Puerto Rican food taste and...

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Adry G.'s Review Adry G.
5 Stars

It was our first time trying the location. It was referred to us by a friend so we decided to try it out. We went on a Sunday evening.

We were greeted...

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San Juan BBQ
San Juan BBQ San Juan BBQ 322 reviews San Juan BBQ on Yelp
10203 Hole Ave
Riverside, CA 92503


Jhoanna A.'s Review Jhoanna A.
5 Stars

Delicious food, huge portions and friendly service.

I had the mofongo with fried pork and a side of yellow rice and peas. The hubby had the two-fongo...

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Roberto C.'s Review Roberto C.
5 Stars

The San Juan BBQ is the perfect place for those foodies looking to try something out of the box Puertorican Fusion foods. As time evolve so do recipes and...

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Daniel D.'s Review Daniel D.
4 Stars

Came here again, this time with the wife. We ordered some of the same things I had gotten before- empanadas, papa rellanas, but this time we ordered the...

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Andrés Restaurant
Andrés Restaurant Andrés Restaurant 454 reviews Andrés Restaurant on Yelp
1235 Morena Blvd
Linda Vista
San Diego, CA 92110


Annie G.'s Review Annie G.
4 Stars

I'm from south Florida and grew up on delicious Cuban food -- one thing I've been missing like crazy since moving to San Diego. IMHO, Andres is one of the...

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Colin P.'s Review Colin P.
5 Stars

I've been eating here for twenty years. Food is always good.

Yesterday was a catered event in their hall, excellent service, outstanding food and flexible...

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Edward O.'s Review Edward O.
1 Stars

I honestly feel bad giving a restaurant a bad review. It's a tough business. That said, here goes:

On a positive note: Service was fast. Prices are...

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6163 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92111


Patricia M.'s Review Patricia M.
5 Stars

Omg!! How did I not know about this place!!???
It's right behind my door, two minute walk, it sells all my Brazilian goodies and the food... THE FOOD!!!...

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Katrina L.'s Review Katrina L.
5 Stars

I love this place!!! Eileen is such a sweetheart and her alone would be reason enough for me to come back! From the very first contact she was so sweet and...

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Melanie G.'s Review Melanie G.
5 Stars

This is as good as it gets when it comes to hole in the walls! I've never been to Latin or South America but I imagine this little market slash restaurant...

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31 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Restaurants

  1. Rose m nieves

    Que lindo , This is great that you put together, this site for all of your Ricans . I have live in califorina, for 27 years and now I live in los vegas. I dont recall a puerto  Rican  restaurant in that area. Can you tell me if you know of a good one in vegas. Thank s and again keep up the good work.  RNieves

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Rose and thank you!

    There use to be a Puerto Rican Restaurant in Las Vegas called “El Coqui Caribbean Restaurant” but unfortunately they closed! 🙁

    I will keep a look out for you for any Las Vegas or Nevada Puerto Rican Restaurants.

    Also if any of you know of any Puerto Rican Restaurants please let me know! You can post it here as a comment and I will add it to the page!

  3. Charlie

    I have been looking to do something like this but you beat me to it.  Thats great, because there are so many of us Boriquas in Cali.  From the High Desert, Victorville, Ca.

  4. admin Post author

    Hey Charlie! Thank you for the suggestion. Glad you could join us! We’re just getting started and I’m sure you can contribute a lot. Have a great week!

  5. Carlos Guerra

    I am so glad that we have this site because what has me baffled is our lack of restaurants but I think I know know why. My family frequented a restaurant in South Gate named “My Old San Juan” that had a fabulous cook.
    My wife and I frequented their establishment 2 to 3 times per week spending good money and would always leave their waitress a generous tip. One day I spoke with the cook who would often sit with her Patrons and hold friendly conversations. I suggested that she should add “Mondongo” to their menu. She was at first extremely resistant to my suggestion because she stated that she has owned restaurants for the majority of her life and as a cooks knows what sells.
    I told her that I was a successful business man and knew that “Mexicans” love “Menudo” in California and that our Puerto Rican “Mondongo” was a lot better then their Menudo which by the way offended my Mexican wife, until she tried our Menudo and agreed!
    I called the restaurant several times until they finally placed it on their Menu & painted it on their windows and guess what?
    They kept selling out of Mondongo and could not keep enough of it in stock how about that!!!  I know because I came and ordered some Mondogo and was told that they sold out, go figure. I know they will not give me credit for this but this is a true story. But they eventually close their doors because I was told the partners Allegedly could not get along?
    The moral of this story is Mexicans will love Mondogo in California, so sell it! Stop trying to sell them just Pasteles!

  6. Gina Bet

    Hello. I would really love to try Puerto Rican food. But I live in Los Angeles, do you know if there’s one around downtown L.A. or near because N.H. is a little bit far for me… Thanks

  7. Charles Batista

    Hey Gina, North Hollywood is only 15 minutes from downtown.  Go try El Mofongo on Lankershim.  You’ll enjoy it.

    Hey Carlos Guerra, que romance tienes tu con el Mondongo.   🙂   I’m glad you got to enjoy it if only for a brief time.

  8. Juan Ramon

    @Carlos Guerra – that is usually the case.  No se porque but we end up peleando por estupideces.  It’s too bad the restaurant closed.  Yo se they would’ve been sucesivo so tuvieron peleando or ser celoso.  I used to live in Oakland, CA and there as a puerto rican restaurant.  They only lasted tres (o cuarto) anos.  I don’t know why they shut down, but el unico restaurant puertorriqueno is in san rafael.  I know cause yo voy a dia de los muertos and then go out to eat with my friends.  Que lastima que no podemos a tener algo que dures.

  9. Mellowymala


    I went to CT, Bridgeport to be exact with my ex….I fell in love with this empanada looking dish. It had ground beef and cheese I believe. He took me to a littke whole in the wall that was like a takeout deli-ish place….Just wondering if anyone knew the name of this particular food. It was delish

  10. Carlos Guerra

    To Charles Batista and Juan Ramon : Charles, my family has to try Monfongos that you have recommended because it sounds really good!  In fact I will have to try some of the local restaurants mentioned on the CaliRicans.Com website.
    And Juan you are correct because our restaurants seem to start doing well and then close down for petty reasons and that is truly sad. We all know that our Mexican brothers love their Menudo and when the Mexican waitress of my favorite PR restaurant convinced the owners to put Mondongo on the menu they could not keep enough in stock but their response was that they could not sell their other products. Well raise the price of your Mondogo and make money that way! Oye mi gente what is going on!!!
    But like Charles Batista stated we have to support their restaurants but they also should listen to their clientele as well. Charles listed several positive suggestions on my blog on this website which if owners read their restaurant businesses would do better in my humble opinion.

  11. carlos

    I visited Sol Food in San Rafael…..very far from where i live (sacramento) but the food was off the hook….should definately take the drive

  12. Angel Rivera

    Hola a todo mi Gente. I live in Buena Park, Califas And I just want to say that  “Senor Big Eds Puerto- Rican Reasturant in Cypress CA  is the greatest place to eat your favorite Boricua comida. Soy Boriqueno 100% and single and is looking for that one special Foxy Rican who knows how to cook in and out of the kichen.  My intentions are very sincere so I’am respectfully using this avenue to try and touch someones heart. Ckeck out my My Space or Facebook page and send me a message. Only serious ladys please apply. Ofcoure I am only praying for one. Happy New Year 2011, Lets start this new year and become Grand Parents together. 
                                                       Con carino y mucho mas.

  13. M. Vasquez

    I’m going to try Big Ed’s in Cypress tomorrow! I’m JapRican and since my grandmother in New York has been too ill to make pasteles I’ve had no recourse living in Orange County, for anything close to her pasteles. There’s plenty of sushi here but not enough Puerto Rican cuisine! Thanks for the lead.

  14. melinda

    Hola Angel

      lei tu comentario, interesante se te oye sincero, yo tambien soy boricua 100% , no he ido a el festival de San Dimas pero fui al de long beach hace un tiempo, pero estuvo chevere…
    no vivimos tan lejos de uno al otro…

  15. Rafael Garcia Carrion

    Hello Borinqueno’s
    I live in the Inland Empire, east of Los Angeles and I make traditional Puerto Rican Pasteles.  Pasteles in Spanish literally means pastry or cake.  However, in the dialect of Puerto Rican, un Pastel is a Puerto Rican Tamale, so to speak,  One has to have an acquired taste for this delicacy.  The dough is made up with a mixture of plantains, potatoes and poi/tarrot root or as we say in Puerto Rico, to the best of my spelling ability, yautia.   At home, my mother always made her pasteles with beef.  I was in my thirties when I learned that most people eat pasteles with pork.   So, I make my traditional beef pasteles and I will also make them with pork.  My wife recently suggested I try shrimp.  Guess what, it turned out pretty good.  So I will make more shrimp pasteles.  A co-worker is a vegetarian and so I am going to try pasteles with diffenet cheeses to see which cheese will blend well with the unique flavor and texture of los pasteles.  My mother was from Yuquiyu (Luquillo) Carrion Mercado and my father was from Vieques, Garcia Rivera.  They came to N.Y. in the early thirties and I was born in the Bronx.   I’m a Vietnam Vet. My brother Greg is a Korean War vet.  My brother Joe was on board a destroyer during the Cuban Missile crisis and my Tio Benigno was in WW II.  I was looking up the Borinquen Post of the American Legion in Cali when I ran into this site. God Bless – California Ralph

  16. admin Post author

    Jose Luis, there is a great site I have purchased souvenirs from: Souveniles de Puerto Rico http://souveniles.com Enjoy 🙂

  17. Natie

    My family had a Puerto Rican/Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, CA.  It has since closed.  I know there was a Cuban restaurant on Sierra Madre Blvd. cross street Michilinda.  Same shopping center as Albertsons.  However, I have not been there in a while since I moved away from the area.  I also remember there was a great Cuban/Puerto Rican restaurant in Glendale.  I can’t remember the name now.  If anyone knows about it, let us know.  I am in the process of checking with some friends that advised me of Puerto Rican restaurants in LA county. When I know I will definitely pass the word.  Thank you for doing this.  I am sure it is a lot of work.  I know I appreciate the effort you put into updating this website!  I am sure I am not the only Rican around here that appreciates it!!  Huepa!!!!  Thanks again!!

  18. Empanatie's :)-

    Ah Driante!!  I forgot to mention, I make killer Empanadas!!  I make them fresh to order.  I live in the San Gabriel Valley and deliver (in the San Gabriel Valley).  I make them with beef, pork, or chicken.  I also make veggie ones for our vegetarian friends.  If you want to order some, post a message here and I will check into it for you.  If you do not live in the area, I can ship them to you!!  I have shipped them to Chicago, New York, Maine, Oregon, Texas, and of course all over California.  For information, post a message to “Empanatie’s” :)~  I will follow up with you.  Que viva Puerto Rico!!

  19. Cafetera

    Here’s all the info, Porto’s actually has three locations, one in Downey, Burbank and the original in Glendale

    Porto’s BakeryPorto’s Bakery, 315 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91203-2303
    (818) 956-5996  http://www.portosbakery.com/bakery/all

    Also, there is a Cuban Restaurant (as close to Puertorican food as you’ll get) in Pomona: CocoPalm, 1600 Fairplex Dr.,  Pomona, CA 91768-1237, Phone (909) 469-1965, http://www.cocopalmrestaurant.com

    Good food, and they have live salsa on Friday’s w/free salsa lessons.

  20. Mike

    Does anyone knows were we can get puertorican goodies (galletas, dulces, viandas, etc…) in LA? Una “tiendita” … Email me. [email protected]. Gracias a lot! =]

  21. Quito

    Tengo ya cuatro a?os viviendo en la ciudad de Orange, aqui en el county de Orange y solamente e conocido 3 personas de Puerto Rico, ya me estoy queriendo ir a otro estado por que la soledad me mata. Quiero conoser gente de Puerto Rico escribanme [email protected]

  22. Wanda Ramos

    I live in Merced, Ca. is there a Puerto Rican restaurant about a 1 or 2 hr. radius?

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