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Harlistas Boricua California

This past weekend I was made aware of a social motorcycle group in Southern California known as Harlistas Boricua. Founded in August 2010 and the first of its kind in California, Harlistas Boricua was started by a group of Puerto Ricans who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles to various places in California and share our Puerto Rican culture with whomever they come across in the process. They ride most weekends and during their events they make it a point to ride to different Puerto Rican establishments or restaurants. Aside from the love of riding, the club was created to celebrate and introduce the culture, history and music of Puerto Rico with everyone. The brothers of Harlistas Boricua are from different walks of life. Some are business men, active duty servicemen, law enforcement and retirees. This group is not an outlaw-type of motorcycle club and is family oriented and they welcome anyone, even those of non Puerto Rican descent, to join them!

Harlistas Boricua

Harlistas Boricua’s 1 year anniversary is coming up on Saturday, August 20th and they will be riding to Mofongos in North Hollywood followed by a run up Pacific Coast Highway to the Ventura county line. Of course EVERYONE is invited to help them celebrate this history in the making!

9 thoughts on “Harlistas Boricua

  1. Roberto Marrero

    Hi corrillo, vivo en San Diego y e visto algunos muchachos con jacket que tienen el logo de herlistas boriquas y estoy muy interesado en pertenecer al club. Si me pudieran dar información sobre como pudiera pertenecer el grupo. Le agradeceria culaquier información. Gracias…
    Roberto (El Flacko)

  2. Luis and Minita

    Mi esposa y yo somos de Mayaguez, Puerto Rico y vivimos en Huntington Beach,CA. Nos gustaria pertenec al club the motoras, tenemos una Yamaha Star 1300 Tourer y una Honda-Goldwing.

    Dejenos saber como y cuando se reunen.

  3. Gilbert Delgado

    What’s up bro. I want to ride with fellow Puerto Rican’s. I saw that the harlistaboricua.com site is down, are they still around. I’m in the LA area with a Harley Ultra. Let me know if you are still around. Gilbert Delgado

  4. Ricardo Holmond


    I was informed of your club by LACE the seamster at Chopper Gallery when she was sowing on a patch for me. I am Dominican and have been looking for a Family club in the area. I live in Murrieta and and new to the area as well as to the Harley Family. Just bought my 1st harley and would love to ride with Latinos with the same love of Music,food, Culture. Please let me know if it is possible to join your club and ride with you all. Not sure if you allow Dominicans or any other latin background join, but let me know.

  5. Armando Rivera

    I live in Tehachapi Ca. I’m in Puerto Rico right now working as a FEMA contractor driver for Macro Fuel Emergency, in the Mayagüez area. I came to PR to help my people. This my first time in PR, I love it! I’m heading home in January.


    Donde Estan Los Boricuas?
    Me imagino que esas Harleys estan Aniquelas, listas pa dar la vuelta del Jibaro en el Viejo San Juan.
    Se rompio el Club Harlistas Boricuas?
    Hay que hacer algo porqua aqui en el Sur de California habe,mos muchos
    Communicate!! Que Viva Puertorro

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