Rosie Perez Wants to Open Doors for More Women

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Actress Rosie Perez confirmed Wednesday in an interview with Efe that she was feeling “marvelous,” about being the first Latina to co-host “The View” on ABC, a situation that she believes can open doors for other women.

“I wouldn’t say I’m proud of being the first Latina, because if I were to say that I’d be taking on too much responsibility, but yes I feel very good and I hope that many women follow me” — Perez

Perez, who is also a choreographer, activist, producer and director had her television debut in September. She stated that her true “passion” will always be acting because of her love for interaction with the audience, which is why she is also preparing for a Broadway performance under the direction carried out by Larry David.

Her experience on the big screen has earned her an Oscar nomination for her role in “Fearless” in 1994, but things were not always easy for the actress.

Pérez, who is of Puerto Rican descent, said she grew up in “extreme poverty” and had a difficult childhood being rejected by her parents and was a victim of sexual abuse by one of her half-brothers.

“I noticed that I had not confronted that just because I was successful, that doesn’t solve your problems. I had to speak with a professional, with the family, with my friends, about all that I had kept to myself. I didn’t understand that it was eating me alive and I needed to let it go. Now I’ve done so, and it’s great,” — Perez

Therefore Perez is now a mentor for the campaign recently entitled “When Life Gets Tough, Women Rise Above It.” This is an online platform from a private company that puts women across the country in a position to inspire each other and help each other succeed.

Her advice is for women to go ask for help and talk to people they can trust to help them do anything they can to change the situation they are in.

“Say something. If you’re (experiencing) domestic violence, get out of it,” — Rosie Perez

The actress said she doesn’t see herself as a role model for other people, but rather as “entertainment”. She also mentioned that she isn’t trying to inspire others, and that she is only trying to be herself and give to others what has been given to her in life.

She said she feels the niches of power for women in society lies in recording studios, in business and in government, and so she urges women to participate in these positions of power to make a difference.

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