AVANDRA’s New Album Descender Is Post-Hurricane Prog Metal Fury From Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican progressive metal unit Avandra‘s sophomore effort Descender was written in the dark after Hurricane Maria by frontman and band mastermind Christian Ayala Cruz. So of course it stands to reason that behind all the technical wizardry and challenging songwriting, Descender is pissed. Which is why I’m so excited to premiere this record for you all today. Without knowing its background, Descender is a fantastically progressive record that manages to write songs that happen to be dazzlingly difficult, not just dexterity exercises to show off. But by knowing the record’s background, it adds a purpose to the edge and allows you to really dig in to their aggressiveness.

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This Is How Marc Anthony Balances His Megawatt Career with His Six Kids

In Latin America, music lovers treat Marc Anthony the way members of the Beyhive treat Beyoncé: like royalty. The 50-year-old New York City-born, Puerto Rican superstar is arguably the most famous Latin salsa singer of all time, having earned two Grammys and broken dozens upon dozens of records in the Latin music industry. Oh, and he just so happens to be Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, plus the father of her two children.

Anthony is set to perform at the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 25. And he’s nominated for Tropical Artist of the Year, Solo (which he, uh, tends to win a lot). But before his performance makes waves, here’s a quick refresher on why the musician is so beloved—and how, as the father of six children, he juggles work with family and life at home.

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Bad Bunny champions a new masculinity through fashion

In an Instagram post from March 8, Puerto Rican trap artist Bad Bunny photographed his manicured hands against a turquoise swimming pool, his fingernails painted in an iridescent hue.”By the way, how about my nails?” the caption playfully concludes in Spanish, followed by a blushing smiley face and a painting-nails emoji.

Cue 1 million-plus likes and more than 24,000 comments — most of them in Spanish — from his 15.9 million followers, ranging from the celebratory (“I love it!!!!!!!” “Bad Bunny is a whole MOOOOOD”) to the homophobic and disapproving (“[You’re] helping the youth distort their minds and go against what God has created.”)

All of this is standard for Bad Bunny. The 25-year-old, born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, is known for provoking audiences in Latin America and beyond with his penchant for painted nails, bright colors, short-shorts and rose-tinted sunglasses.

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Watch Bad Bunny Ride A Jet Ski Through The Sky In ‘200 MPH’ Video With Diplo

If Taylor Swift‘s aggressively bubbly “ME!” video isn’t really your speed, try out Bad Bunny‘s “200 MPH,” another vibrant vid released on Friday (April 26).

Diplo assists the Puerto Rican superstar’s flow on the buoyant trap banger, and he also shows up in the vid for a sun-soaked, model-filled beach hang. It’s packed with special effects, like Bad Bunny driving a jet ski through the sky and bouncing on a woman’s butt like it’s a trampoline, à la “Baby Got Back.” Elsewhere, turtles swim through the clouds, animated eyeballs fill the screen, and the whole thing is fueled by “Bunny Beer,” which we can only wish is an actual beverage that exists somewhere.

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CNCO, Rosalía, Ozuna, And More Ruled The 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards

The most successful Latin artists on the charts this past year were celebrated at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday night (April 25) in Las Vegas. Reflecting the direction of Latin music at the moment, reggaeton music ruled the three-hour telecast, with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna as the king of the movement. In 2019, he made Billboard Latin Music Awards history as the most-nominated act in a single year with 23 nominations in 15 categories. Even though he didn’t completely sweep, his 11 wins still made him the most-awarded artist of the night and broke a record for the most wins for an artist ever.

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Take a stroll through Puerto Rican history on a newly-restored trail

Exploring forts and wandering along cobblestone streets are amongst the most popular ways to visit Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. But just outside the ancient city walls there’s a road where few tourists venture. It’s here on the Paseo del Morro Trail where the sea meets the stone, where the waves wash up on centuries of stories and where, for a scenic one-mile walk, you can take a stroll right through the city’s beguiling history.

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Ozuna Talks ‘Elevating Latinos’ and Paving the Way for Other Latinx Artists

Ozuna is definitely having his moment!

The Puerto Rican reggaetonero has become one of music’s biggest global stars and has barely scratched the surface of his success. With hits like “Taki Taki,” “Te Boté,” “Me Niego,” and “El Farsante,” Ozuna, 27, didn’t think he would find success until the first time someone recognized him while working at his grandmother’s store.

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Reggaeton fuels Latin music boom despite lack of award recognition

As fans around the globe have shown, Latin urban music is here to stay. But it’s not always obvious from the roster at the big mainstream award shows.

For Billboard’s Leila Cobo, that’s a reason to make sure the 2019 Latin Music Billboard awards, set to air on April 25, puts a spotlight on artists like Ozuna, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA and the many others who have given Latin music the boost it needed.

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Latin pop has US grooving more and more in Spanish

Just two years after the lilting mega-hit “Despacito” captivated the globe, Latin stars are cementing their place in the US mainstream, moving beyond scoring a one-off smash to headline festivals and permeate the charts.

An unprecedented number of Spanish-language acts are performing at this year’s Coachella festival, where a second weekend of shows begins Friday — a sure-fire sign of their mounting influence in a country where 41 million people claim Spanish as their mother tongue.

They are not just guests of top-billed acts or appearing on lesser stages — stars like reggaeton revolutionary J Balvin and Puerto Rican trap artist Bad Bunny are winning key time slots on their own.

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Kevin Fret Murder Probe Continues, Rocking Latin Music World as Fret’s Mother Breaks Silence

The murder of Puerto Rican trap artist Kevin Fret is making headlines again thanks in part to two media appearances by Fret’s mother Hilda Rodriguez — but the case remains an unsolved mystery.

On the April 15 broadcast of Puerto Rico’s Lo Sé Todo (I Know Everything) TV show, Rodriguez repeated allegations she first made on an internet radio show earlier in the month: that reggaeton and trap singer  Ozuna and his manager Vicente Saavedra — who are also Puerto Rican — ordered the death of her son. But neither man has been named a suspect in the case. 

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