Puerto Rican Christmas culture will not be complete without the decorations, stories, and even gifts for children. One of them is the new Christmas book  “Jibarito de la Cajita”, the new part of the tradition for every child. Inspired by Elf on the Shelf, it is the creation of the Puerto Rican couple Victor and Merari Febus.

During the pandemic, the couple gave life to the character of Jibarito, a brilliant boy with a cheerful personality and good traits. In the story, he helps the three magi in finding a way to reach the “good people” children. The story of the book aims to instill in every young mind the importance of compassion, telling the truth, and other qualities future generations should learn.

The story of the new Puerto Rican Christmas character

“Jibarito is playing in the countryside. He sees three people. He goes to them and is surprised that they are the Three Kings. Here in Puerto Rico, we celebrate Three Kings Day, sort of a second Christmas. He goes back and brings them some coffee and grass for the horses. The three are lost in Puerto Rico and can’t find the homes of kids so they ask him for help. They see that he is compassionate, courageous, and kind. He is what we call buena gente. They see those values in him. He helps them find the homes of kids”, Febus stated as the plot of the book.

Puerto Rican Christmas book “Jibarito de la Cajita” and Jibarito doll. From Instagram.

The title “Jibarito de la Cajita” means “ Jibarito of the Box” in observance of the tradition performed by many. The book illustrated by Olgui Cruz is available on the official website, Casa Febus, in the Spanish language. This also includes a vocabulary page making it useful for teaching the future generation of Puerto Rico. 

Aside from the book, children can also purchase and enjoy the Jibarito doll with its flexible hands and legs. A great source of entertainment not just during holidays, but also throughout the year.

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