Making the best out of the pandemic turned musicians into making creative and new dimensions when it comes to music and performances. One of these artists is Buscabulla, who released their latest album Regresa on May 8 and now added a new visual for the two hits of the album. 

The Puerto Ricans Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle of Buscabulla left the island in pursuit of new opportunities in New York City. But the two realize nothing replaces the feeling of comfort in their own home.

 After the devastating hurricane Maria swept the island in 2017, Buscabulla decided to take a leap of faith and start anew in Puerto Rico. This is where Regresa was born. It is an album inspired by the richness and color of classic Puerto Rico and the harmony they create with the island despite what happened. It maintains its brand of tropical synth-pop but holds deeper meaning about life and identity.

Buscabulla gives tribute to Puerto Rican icon in Regresa

The song “Vámono” is the first track of the album with an early launch in 2019. This marks the start of their transition from New York to Puerto Rico. Other songs on the album are “La Fiebre” with a playful and subtly sexy vibe. Also included are “El Aprieto” in nonstop melody, “NTE”-no te equivoque, “Manda Fuego”, “No Sabemos”, and “Volta”. 

The album’s key highlight is the song “Nydia”, a tribute to one of Puerto Rico’s icons Nydia Caro. They played the song as they join in the 2020 Tiny Desk Concert. A remote show with their band members LD Valentín (keyboards) and JD Matías (timbales). It is a performance that reflects the beach vibe of the Regresa album. Aside from “Nydia”, they also played “Club Tú y Yo” and “Mio”.

The couple released a new music video for their hits “Mio” along with “Ta Que Tiembla” weeks ago. The videos feature what is the island experiencing right now amid the pandemic and natural disasters that have passed.

 Buscabulla’s Regresa has been released under the label of Ribbon Music and is already available across different digital platforms.

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