The island is recovering “slowly” from Hurricane Maria, and its museums are opening… but visiting the Museo del Jefe is free.

The beauty of culture is that it is so wide that everything has a place: you can, for example, study the progress of a country from its napkin rings, or visit a local toothpick museum. I love these kinds of places; it seems to me that a collection of wigs in a shop window says more about a city and its people than most travel guides and history books.

Having said that, Daddy Yankeereggaetonero par excellence, is today opening a museum in Puerto Rico dedicated to the reggaetón music genre and one of its greatest artists (dare I say, almost creator): himself. A place where you will be able to visit the very long 15 years of perreo, completely free. The singer chose a name that would really express the strength and message of his songs: “El Jefe Museum”

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