Puerto Rican rapper Ñejo assembled a league of reggaetón music legends for “Mi Estilo de Vida 2020.” He updates the original with guest appearances by Arcángel, Miky Woodz, and Ñengo Flow. Rising stars Myke Towers and Rauw Alejandro are also in the mix.

Ñejo first released “Mi Estilo de Vida” in 2011 with Puerto Rican singer Kenai, who returns for the 2020 version. The all-star remix spotlights the best in the current and future talents that Puerto Rico has to offer.

“We have a mutual respect for one another and I saw in an Instagram post that Rauw Alejandro was driving a Lambo in Miami and listening to my original song, so I contacted him and that’s when we decided to do this new version,” Ñejo tells Remezcla, in regards to making the remix happen. “We called the other artists and they were all in with the idea.”

“Mi Estilo de Vida 2020” runs a little over 8-minutes to make sure that every artist gets their shine. The luxurious music video is a major flex with Ñejo and his squad spitting their verses in front of expensive cars. From the original version of the song, Kenai has the biggest glow-up as he drives a speedboat through Miami at nighttime.Volume 0%

As for what’s next, Ñejo says, “My career has always been my priority and it won’t stop now. My next solo album is coming out by the end of 2020, and I also have a couple of singles coming out every month.”

The reggaetón icon is not just an artist, but someone who is looking to help the next generation of talent. “I’m also focused on developing my record label’s roster and releasing our various artist album, La Fama,” Ñejo adds. “Lots of non-stop work basically.”

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