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The lovely La La Vazquez will grace the cover of the April issue of Latina Magazine. In the issue the Puerto Rican television personality/ MTV VJ discusses her career and relationship with NBA star and fiance Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets.

La La also wrote a great essay on titled “Yo Soy Boricua” that I believe many of us can relate to. In the essay she touches on the diversity of our culture and the reactions she has faced when people discover she is a “Black Latina”. Here is the essay:

A lot of people don’t realize that I’m Latina, which is fine. One thing about being Latina is that there isn’t one look that comes with the territory. I don’t expect people to know my cultural background just by glancing at me. I do, however, expect that when I tell people my family is from Puerto Rico, that I will be believed and not accused of trying to be something that I’m not. It usually goes something like this: a person having a conversation with me discovers one way or another that I’m Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish. That person then expresses their shock over these realizations for any number of reasons — common responses are, “You don’t look Latina” and “I thought you were black!” I never said I wasn’t black. And since when does being black and being Latina have to be mutually exclusive?

In my experience, people tend to have an uninformed and rather narrow view of what it means to be Puerto Rican. For me, not looking like some people’s idea of a typical Latina has been challenging and often painful. I constantly find myself trying to justify who I am, and why should I? I’m proud of my heritage and my family. Both of my parents are from Puerto Rico. They raised two kids in Brooklyn and later in New Jersey, where we ate arroz con gandules and pasteles and listened to salsa music. I feel just as at home in Puerto Rico, where I still have tons of family, including aunts, uncles and cousins. Puerto Rico is in my blood. And that has nothing to do with the color of my skin.

I’m not angry with anyone who doesn’t understand the complexities of race and culture. And I’m also not interested in having long, drawn out conversations about how it’s possible for me to look like this and speak Spanish. In fact, sometimes I make it a point not to mention my parents’ birthplace because I don’t always feel like having the inevitable discussion that follows. Instead, I let people look at me and come to their own conclusions. As I start to get my feet wet in Hollywood, I already know that there are certain parts I won’t even be considered for. The character can be Puerto Rican and speak Spanish just like me, but Hollywood defines Latina as Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. As beautiful as they are, we’re not all one race in Latin America. But I don’t go to auditions so that I can give history lessons to film executives. I’d rather skip the entire process.

I’m raising my son to understand who he is, and it’s my hope that he’ll never let others define him. It reflects poorly on us when we don’t educate ourselves about the rest of the world and what it looks like. I encourage people who are interested to learn more, do research and ask informed questions. If you’re lucky enough to visit various countries in Latin America, you’ll be baffled to see the blackest of the black and the lightest of the light living together. And I dare you to ask one of them to prove their latinidad.


Well said, La La!

I am also happy to note that La La is officially a CaliRican, she and fiance Carmelo Anthony (who is half Puerto Rican and half African American) have just purchased a beautiful home in Los Angeles!

Check out some photos of La La, fiance Carmelo Anthony, their handsome son Kiyan and their new casa in Los Angeles!


Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez La La Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony and son Kiyan La La Vazquez Carmelo Anthony Home Carmelo Anthony La La Vazquez Home La La Carmelo Home in Los Angeles


Home Photos Source: TMZ

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  • Carlos Guerra

    Bella Chica y Bonita Casa!!!

    March 20, 2010 at 2:27 pm Reply

  • Evelyn Herrera

    Thank you for your words at least you have taken the time to correct information on us PRicans

    March 22, 2010 at 9:50 am Reply

  • Lizet Torres

    Vaya LaLa.   I knew you were Rican, but of course so am I.  I’m glad you have
    spoken out.  I have experienced the opposite- being too light- curly hair yes,
    but your so light ? You’re Puerto Rican?   Such ignorance.  Our people are truly
    like all the beautiful colors in a garden of luscious flowers!  God Bless you and your
    husband. May you continue to stay Beautiful and successful!!  AND  –Welcome to

    July 29, 2010 at 11:27 am Reply

  • paulina Rodriguez

    very well said La La… I had many experiences when I first arrived in chicago in 1956. I was 9 years old.. The 1st thing I learned was that I was black. I had no idea that my skin color made a difference. I found my self with one latina friend, because I was too black to play with the white kids and too light to play with the black kids. There were no spanish speaking teachers, so I just sat in class looking at the teacher trying to pick up things by reading their body language.. it was very dificult. I will conclude this episode in my life by telling you that I learned inglish by watching television , repeating the commercial lines and learning the commercial songs. teachers found themselfs teaching us inglish, but they didn’t know spanish, how do you like those apples. Anyway,, few people have a better understanding now that Puerto Ricans are mix and that we are U.S. citizens. good luck in Hollywood and make us proud. Paulina from chicago

    April 26, 2011 at 12:37 pm Reply

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