Early in December, PBS Kids announced the arrival of their new Latina character in their new show ” Alma’s Way”. The creator of the story is the Emmy Lifetime Achievement Awardee, and Sesame Street star, Sonia Manzano.

“Alma’s Way” is an animated series from Fred Rogers Production and will debut in Fall 2021. Young viewers can watch it on PBS Stations, the PBS Kids 24/7 Channel, and across different PBS KIDS digital platform.

The story of “Alma’s Way” revolves around a 6-year old Puerto Rican girl Alma Rivera who lives in the Bronx. Her younger brother Junior, together with close-knit family members and community, will join her in her daily adventures.

PBS Kids “Alma’s Way” in teaching diversity and awareness among children

Sonia Manzano’s childhood moments in South Bronx inspired her in the creation of “Alma’s Way”.

“I am thrilled to return to public television and to work with PBS KIDS and Fred Rogers Productions on this project inspired by my own childhood,” She said. “Alma’s way is to think things through, and I hope by animating the thought process, kids will be inspired and excited about what goes on in their own minds. I want them to know we all have the power to think regardless of who we are.”

PBS announces on Twitter its new animated series, Alma’s Way.

Alma’s Way is an excellent show for children 4-6 years old to help them express more and engage more. The  “Think-Through” moments will give them time to participate and decide which actions are necessary for every situation. Alma Rivera directly talks to the young viewers and let them see her everyday life in each 11-minute story.

“We can’t wait for kids to meet Alma. She’s an optimistic and confident Puerto Rican girl who models for viewers how to think their way through any dilemma,” said Ellen Doherty, Chief Creative Officer, Fred Rogers Productions. “The show is funny, warm, and relatable. We love how it showcases the diversity of New York City, too, and authentically reflects the cultures of all the characters.”

“Alma’s Way” is a huge feat for Latinx representation on the television screen. The series is currently in production for 40 half-hour episodes which will also release series-inspired games in English and Spanish.

The series will also be open for global distribution outside the US under the Sinking Ship Entertainment.

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