The industry of Hip Hop has become a mix of various promising artists, not just in the mainstream but also in independent scenes. Expressing music based on experiences, full of raw emotions in their own form, and artistry. 

What makes Hip Hop more interesting is the rise of Latino rappers over the years. Their success inspired other Latino rappers, including the Puerto Rican rising star, Cyrus the God.

There are already great names who established Hip Hop such as Immortal Technique, Big Pun, and PitBull. These Latino rappers are being loved and supported by Spanish and English speaking audience worldwide. But the Puerto Rico descent rapper is also proving himself an artist to watch out for.

The Rise of Rapper Cyrus the God

Cyrus the God is based in Bronx, NY, where people say Hip Hop started. The mix of culture and his environment gave way to the birth of his own take on music.

Listen to his songs and you’ll surely catch his authentic style. From the rich quality of his voice and powerful lyricism to his head-nodding beat and vivid rhymes. He is playing no game with his craft.

Rapper Cyrus the God conveys his real-life experiences to every piece, played with creativity to evoke a powerful range of human emotions. He is completely making a rare touch to today’s music of rap and Hip Hop.

Cyrus the God music, “Wave Runners”

Cyrus is already starting his fame from the regional scene, with his crew The Cvsh Mobb. They are constantly releasing a number of pieces over the year. It created a buzz that leads to him being featured across different media outlets such as Hip Hop Weekly, The Source, YoRaps, and more.

Some of his music are “Chains”, “Blood Money”, and “Dead on Arrival” featuring his collaboration with Solo Jones making great appreciation from fans and community.

Also, his latest music “Wave Runners” and  “Hate Some More” are a huge hit. Upon releasing months ago, they already earned thousands of views on YouTube.

Supporters are waiting for what will Cyrus drop next, but surely he will give fans more of his explosive music.

Cyrus the God YouTube video, “Wave Runners”

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