The Sundance Film Festival is set to premiere some high-profile documentaries in 2020. The audiences in Park City, Utah, will be the first to screen projects about two legendary Puerto Ricans: Walter Mercado and Luis Miranda.

Directed by Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch, Mucho Mucho Amor focuses its lens on the world-famous astrologer. The festival’s synopsis describes the trajectory of the movie as: “Raised in the sugar cane fields of Puerto Rico, Walter grew up to become a gender-nonconforming, cape-wearing psychic whose televised horoscopes reached 120 million viewers a day for decades before he mysteriously disappeared.” It will likely be a bittersweet screening since Mercado did not live to see his documentary premiere.

Siempre, Luis from director John James follows Luis Miranda (the father of Broadway scribe Lin-Manuel Miranda) in his “improbable journey from Puerto Rico to the halls of power.” The documentary will chart his life and career as a political activist and strategist including bringing the cast of Hamilton to Puerto Rico for a performance of the award-winning musical after Hurricane Maria hit the island. Lin-Manuel, naturally, is set to appear in the film.

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