For the first time, YouTube Originals features a Spanish-language show, BRAVAS series, set in the lively streets of Puerto Rico. Created and produced by Cinema Giants, Bravas highlights the culture and music industry of Latin America.

The story of the eight episode series revolves around three young female artists, Mila , Ashley and Roja, who form a group called La Milagrosa and follow their passion in music. In finding their own place in the world, they learn they have to overcome their past and join their voices no matter what it takes.

Bravas series is an exciting collaboration of Latin music legends and rising stars Audri Nix, Amanda Antonella, Nohemy, Lyanno, Wisin, Jon Z, and Daniel El Travieso. The Director and Executive Producer of the show are Jessy Terrero, together with the Dominican singer and Executive Producer, Natti Natasha.

Natti Natasha on producing Bravas series

Natasha takes pride in the show for its sense of women-empowerment and she believes many women will relate to it. “You can pretty much see how these girls use music to voice their problems. To talk about violence. To talk about things that happen in their lives,” she explained.

Bravas YouTube Originals series
Bravas series: Mila (Audri Nix), Ashley (Amanda Antonella) and Roja (Nohemy)/ Laura T Magruder/Youtube

For Natasha, Bravas not only tackles the issues that women encounter but also the show serves as a representation of Latin Culture. From the artists to the producers and the writer.

“This series was shot in Puerto Rico. Kisha Tikina Burgos, the writer, is Puerto Rican. Jessy Terrero, the director, is Dominican. We’re bringing that up. We’re showing the world how we do it in this side of the world, where music is growing so much and it’s traveling to so many places in the world.”, she said.

The successful completion of the YouTube series in 2019 created an impact to the Puerto Rican economy. Economic Development Secretary Manuel Laboy acknowledged the support the Film Industry Development Program (PDIC) gave to the production of Bravas.

“We are very pleased with this important announcement for 222 [local] talents who worked on this series. With a gross budget of over $6.5 million, this production was very beneficial for the Puerto Rican economy as it resulted in direct and indirect jobs, sales, hotel nights, among other issues,” Laboy said.

Bravas series premiered last October 7 with weekly episodes until November 25 on Natti Natasha’s YouTube Channel. Watch the trailer below:

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