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Reggaeton music duo Zion and Lennox took inspiration in music greats Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for their new song, which was released on July 3.

All Night – ZION & LENNOX

The Puerto Rican duo released their new single and music video « All night”, Inspired by the songs“ Rock With You ”, by Michael Jackson, and“ All Night Long ”, by Lionel Richie.

It is worth mentioning that this new song was fully recorded during quarantine And it has a contagious rhythm that promises to transport all of the duo’s followers back to the 1980s and 1990s.

The song “All Night” was produced by Gaby Morales and is a combination Perfect of Zion’s melodic voice and unmistakable Lennox tone.

The lyrics of the song touch on that theme with which most of the people can identify at the moment worldwide due to the quarantine that we live every day

Zion and Lennox

The topic “Rock with you“, from the failed Michael Jackson, he recorded it on his disc Off the wall, published in the year 1979, while Richie included “All night long” for your album Can’t slow down, released in 1983.

The music video for “All Night” was recorded by the company 36 Degrees and directed by the Colombian Juan Camilo Morales, better known as “My_OldSkin”.

In it you see Zion and Lennox in their respective parts of the world singing to his love interests about their desire to spend time together after quarantine.

After All Night, Zion and Lennox participated as guests of the theme Kiss Me, in which the Puerto Rican reggaetonist Daddy Yankee also appears, along with the duets of Zion and Lennox and Play-N-Skillz, made up of brothers Juan Carlos and Óscar Salinas.

The duo, in turn, prepares to participate the next August 8 in a virtual concert, as part of the seventh edition of the eco-friendly festival, Garnier Green Fest.

The Zion and Lennox duo was formed in the early 1990s. 2000 and they have garnered multiple nominations.

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