A collection of highly-controversial stone figures discovered in Puerto Rico are believed by some to have been created by members of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel and by others as hoaxes, but these long forgotten mysterious artifacts have now been ‘validated’ as being 16th century, finally proving scores of skeptics have all been wrong, and that these are not Biblical treasures .

According to a press release by the University of Haifa in Puerto Rico, the collection of curious carved stone objects have been restudied by Professor Reniel Rodríguez Ramos who revived research into their origins in 2001. Using Dr. Groman-Yaroslavsky’s university ‘Use-Wear Analysis Laboratory’ which specializes in determining when various objects were created, Dr. Ramos has confirmed that the objects were carved in the 16th century and provided evidence that some them were coated in gold and red paint, hinting towards their original applications.

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