Singer-Songwriter iLe Rallies for Puerto Rican Freedom — And Her Own — in Upcoming LP, ‘Almadura’

“I want my country to be free,” said Ileana Cabra Joglar, better known as iLe, with one hand on her chest. During a recent performance at El Museo del Barrio — New York City’s leading art museum for the Latin American diaspora, and the jewel of Spanish Harlem — she took a moment between songs to give pause and take in the history of the space.

On May 10th, she’ll present Puerto Rico and the world with her intimate sophomore album, Almadura. A play on the word armadura (armor), the title literally translates to “strong soul” — a rather sane weapon of choice in arduous times. The 12 song collection is lyrically-focused, driven by emotion, and infused with call to actions between the lines for people from an island which has been colonized by the United States for over a century now.

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Source @CaliRicans