Jennifer Lopez’s Career Is a Portrait of Her Puerto Rican Pride

As recognizable as J.Lo‘s become, the mixed reactions to her Motown tribute at the 2019 Grammys underscored the fact that not everyone’s in complete agreement about her racial identity—and the fact that it’s technically none of their business did nothing to stem the tide of Tweets and Reddit threads debating the issue.

That Jennifer Lopez is not a Black woman is a fact nothing (save for a surprising 23andMe result) could call into question. But whether she’s white is another matter entirely.

So, what is Jennifer Lopez’s race? Any attempt to answer that question has to start with the difference between “race” and “ethnicity.”

Jennifer Lopez was born and raised in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, a borough of New York City. Her family came to New York from Ponce, Puerto Rico’s largest city after San Juan. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Were the Cutest Stage Parents at Their Son’s Recital

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were all smiles at their son Max Muñiz‘s school recital this week. The former couple attended the event along with J Lo’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and had a cute coparenting moment while sitting in the audience. In a video posted to Alex’s Instagram page on Thursday, the two of them can be seen showing off their singing chops and passionately lip syncing along to the group’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” while the former Yankees player sits in between them laughing.

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Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez Got Emotional During Her Met Gala Versace Glam Session

Following the Met Gala, JLo posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube channel where she teared up alongside a few members from Versace team. The newly engaged beauty dedicated her video to her loyal and late tailor, Luigi Massi, who passed in late April. During the fitting Jennifer got teary-eyed remembering her special moments with the Versace icon that dressed her for years.

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This Is How Marc Anthony Balances His Megawatt Career with His Six Kids

In Latin America, music lovers treat Marc Anthony the way members of the Beyhive treat Beyoncé: like royalty. The 50-year-old New York City-born, Puerto Rican superstar is arguably the most famous Latin salsa singer of all time, having earned two Grammys and broken dozens upon dozens of records in the Latin music industry. Oh, and he just so happens to be Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, plus the father of her two children.

Anthony is set to perform at the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 25. And he’s nominated for Tropical Artist of the Year, Solo (which he, uh, tends to win a lot). But before his performance makes waves, here’s a quick refresher on why the musician is so beloved—and how, as the father of six children, he juggles work with family and life at home.

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