Woman, Diamilette Quiles, to make baseball history in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

An island known for producing Major League stars such as Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor and Yadier Molina will play host to history on Sunday, when Diamilette Quiles becomes the first woman to play in the Superior Double A League — the top league in the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, which is the governing body of leagues and teams from across the island.

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Rafael Rios Began Photographing His Own Family at 14

The photographer Rafael Rios may be best known for his fashion shoots and celebrity portraiture, but for his debut book, Family, available now from Baque Creative Press, he explores the earliest obsessions of his lens: his own family. Rios, who grew up in Brooklyn in a Puerto Rican family that shared a town house, chose to focus his book on an eight-year time span, chronicling his own development as a photographer. The earliest work in the book was shot in 1999, when Rios was a 14-year-old armed with a camera his mother had purchased for him at a Flatbush pawn ship. The most recent are from 2006, when Rios was studying his craft in college. “By the end of the book I want readers to feel like family, like they’ve just looked through a photo album of their own,” Rios said in a release. 

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Watch a Clip From “Mala,” Kevin Fret’s Posthumously Released Video

Kevin Fret – who billed himself as the first openly gay Latin trap artist, and who was murdered in Puerto Rico – has a new video out, which premiered on Univison on Tuesday. The short preview for the posthumous single “Mala” shows the 24-year-old rapper walking down a red carpet as adoring fans reach out to him to pose for selfies, later making his way into a strip club where he dances and declares he’s ready for fame.

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Jimmy Fallon Gets Emotional Talking About His Puerto Rico Visit

In January, Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon visited Puerto Rico with his friend Lin-Manuel Miranda. Fallon taped The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on the island because Miranda was also there for a special Hamilton theater run. Fallon said his trip to Puerto Rico wasn’t just a TV special because the visit ended up changing his life. If you saw the episode, you’ll understand why. Fallon was all over the island, talking to people, eating Puerto Rican food, dancing in the streets and truly embracing Puerto Rican culture.

On May 3, Fallon talked about his experience in PR at a panel in Los Angeles and also got emotional as he recalled how special it was for him. “It was a game-changer for me, it changed my life,” Fallon said, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who described the late-night host as tearing up as he talked about it. “People are so grateful that we went down there, I can’t even talk about it, it’s crazy. They were like, ‘You remember us, you remember that we exist.’”

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Giant Pile of Toxic Coal Ash Is Being Moved From Puerto Rico to Florida, Sparking Outcry

On the south coast of Puerto Rico, a five-story mountain of coal ash once sat in the town of Guayama. It’s contaminated the surrounding drinking water with things like boron, lithium, and sulfate—all dangerous to human health above certain levels.Now, all that ash, a byproduct of coal production, is being shipped to a county outside Orlando, Florida, where many Hurricane Maria survivors now live. And people are unhappy, to say the least.

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One Pot: How the Pride of Puerto Rico Can Make Your Kitchen More Efficient — and Delicious! 🥘

Big cooking adventures always mean a towering sink of dirty pots and pans and a long night of scrubbing afterward, right? Conventional wisdom might hold that only the simplest dishes can keep a sink reasonably empty — but conventional wisdom hasn’t yet grappled with the delight of Puerto Rican cooking styles.

A great deal of Puerto Rican cooking can be summarized as “one pot.” Many of these dishes are designed to make repeated or layered use of a single pot, rather than have multiple components cooked separately.

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Democrats Question Why FEMA Hasn’t Fixed Puerto Rican Hospital

Congressional Democrats want to know why the only hospital on a remote Puerto Rican island remains closed a year and a half after Hurricane Maria ripped through the area, with little apparent progress toward its rebuilding.

Democrats from the Senate and House sent a letter Wednesday to the Federal Emergency Management Agency demanding answers as to why the facility on the island of Vieques remains shuttered. The commonwealth has been seeking federal funding to rebuild the hospital that serves about 9,000 residents on the island 8 miles (13 kilometers) east of the Puerto Rican mainland.

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