2010 Dia De San Juan Festival in San Dimas Photos!

We had a great time at the El Dia De San Juan Festival in San Dimas, California! Puerto Ricans from all over took over the city of San Dimas on that festive Sunday as you could see Puerto Rican flags proudly displayed on people’s cars, trucks, clothing and accessories. Before heading to the festival we even stopped by a nearby gas station and two cars pulled up filled with Boricuas heading to the festival as well. They weren’t sure which way to go since they weren’t locals and drove all the way from Bakersfield to make it to this great event!

A sunny summer day, Puerto Ricans flocked to the shade while enjoying music hosted by MC David Love and DJ Luis Pachanga. Throughout the day people browsed the booths that sold Puerto Rican clothing, accessories, music and of course Puerto Rican food! Live music was played and the finishing touch was that of the legendary El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico who took the stage at the end of the festival.

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Video coming soon.