If the disco era were to be signed by one name in fashion it would read: Antonio. Hailing from a farm town in Puerto Rico, Antonio Lopez skyrocketed to international fame as one of the U.S.’s foremost fashion illustrators throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Until Antonio came along, a fashion drawing in a magazine was nothing more than an image of a stiff couture white model. Competing with the rising art of fashion photography, he single-handedly transformed fashion illustration, found in the pages of trade magazines like Women’s Wear Daily, and converted it into a fusion of fine art and psychedelia worthy of the cutting edge fashion pages of VogueInterviewHarper’s Bazaar and The New York Times. He also broke convention when it came to fashion illustrations by adding backgrounds into his drawings. Now there were models on motorcycles, catching cabs, hanging out at cafés, or lounging on the beach. They were living and breathing the fashion they wore — not bound by it.

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