Adam Gomez, the new Puerto Rican Senator of Massachusetts Senate

The battle for a Senate seat is a tough one but after months of consistent hard work, the efforts of Adam Gomez have finally paid off. He made a historic victory as the newest Puerto Rican elected to the Massachusetts Senate.

On a Democratic primary for Massachusetts State Senate on September 1, 2020, Adam Gomez defeated the five-year incumbent James Welch. In November, he won the general election in an uncontested race with 28,965 votes. 

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Rapper Cyrus the God: The Puerto Rican Artist to Watch

The industry of Hip Hop has become a mix of various promising artists, not just in the mainstream but also in independent scenes. Expressing music based on experiences, full of raw emotions in their own form, and artistry. 

What makes Hip Hop more interesting is the rise of Latino rappers over the years. Their success inspired other Latino rappers, including the Puerto Rican rising star, Cyrus the God.

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