MMA Pro fighter Miguel Baeza proves nothing can stop him from conquering the stage of UFC. His recent fight with Takashi Sato concluded his record of 10-0 and became the first win on his career by submission. He also earned the title “Performance of the Night” bonus for the win.

Dana White commended the performance of Baeza and said he could be the newest Puerto Rican star. In 2019, the UFC president spoken of his interest in opening a Performance Institute in Puerto Rico. He now sees it as an excellent opportunity to establish the sport in Puerto Rico with Miguel Baeza.

Miguel Baeza started his career as an amateur joining the regional circuit. He then became part of Dana White’s Contender Series, but reaching the goal of a contract in UFC and contending in the professional fights has never become easy for the young fighter. 

Miguel Baeza on his first submission win against Takashi Sato on UFC Vegas 15.

Miguel Baeza as he enters Professional fights in UFC

“I guess there has been a lot of adversity that we dealt with and kind of overcame, and now we’re at where we’re at. Now it’s about getting better and making sure that the next fight, I’m even better and I’m getting the finish. Doesn’t matter who it’s against — go out there, get the finish, improve as a fighter, and improve overall,” said Baeza.

Series of fights and postponed schedules left Baeza hopeless in the beginning, but his appearances in 2020 made a huge turn for his career. Last May 16, 2020, he won against the “technical brawler” Matt Brown in a knockout and it became the start for his recognition. His recent win with Sato earned high praise from the UFC President, Dana White.

“He’s a bad boy. He looked awesome. He was one of the guys we highlighted going into this week and he came out and delivered tonight. In this business, we put up the platform for you to go out there and show everybody who you are. What you should do is go out and make people talk about you on Sunday and Monday. He did that tonight,” Dana White said at the post-fight press conference.

Miguel Baeza is now in the top 29 of the current best Welterweight fighters and he aims to reach the Top 10 after going to 10-0. Surely, next year will be the year for the Puerto Rican descent MMA fighter.

Miguel Baeza remains undefeated after going to 10-0 as Welterweight fighter in UFC.

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