The photographer Rafael Rios may be best known for his fashion shoots and celebrity portraiture, but for his debut book, Family, available now from Baque Creative Press, he explores the earliest obsessions of his lens: his own family. Rios, who grew up in Brooklyn in a Puerto Rican family that shared a town house, chose to focus his book on an eight-year time span, chronicling his own development as a photographer. The earliest work in the book was shot in 1999, when Rios was a 14-year-old armed with a camera his mother had purchased for him at a Flatbush pawn ship. The most recent are from 2006, when Rios was studying his craft in college. “By the end of the book I want readers to feel like family, like they’ve just looked through a photo album of their own,” Rios said in a release. 

Read more and view the photos below:

Source @CaliRicans

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