Puerto Rican rapper ​​René Pérez Joglar also known as Residente proudly presents to the public his new beer, Residente Maibock. This is after the successful launching of his Cerveza Residente last June.

The press release last November 27, 2020, stated that Maibock is a medium-bodied lager with a clean finish on the palate. Also, the alcohol content of this locally made beer is around 6.5% to 7% alcohol content by volume (ABV).

Residente has been working with Del Oeste Brewery for a collaboration to produce high-quality beer for everyone, especially Puerto Ricans. Del Oeste is part of Cervecera de Puerto Rico in Mayaguez and is in the game of Puerto Rican brewery since 2018.

The long wait is over for Residente Maibock

Maibock is a different style of beer compared to the first release which is a Belgian Tripel style. Residente Beer is a triple malt resulting in a higher percentage of alcohol while Maibock has a unique taste of more roasted and bread malt which regular drinkers will approve of. 

A special edition of two Maibock recipes is out now in the supermarkets and bars throughout Puerto Rico. It has a special design and identification by the gold or silver color of its plate. This will be available for a limited time only. It is because of one specific reason which is very important for the Puerto Rican artist.

Residente wants the people to have a part in the decision-making process on which will be the recipe to be used. The official release of Residente Maibock is in January 2021. 

“We make Residente craft beers to appeal to the taste of our people. So I want to hear your opinion to help us decide which of the two Maibock recipes we should continue to bottle,” Pérez said in the statement.

In his Instagram post, Residente asks the supporters which is their favorite recipe between the two. He assured them that they’re working on something great that not only Puerto Ricans will enjoy but everyone else all over the world.

Residente on Instagram, with the two recipes of Residente Maibock

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